Sunday, February 22, 2015

Love-A-Thon Mini Challenge #4 - Snapshots!

For this challenge, I decided to go traditional - I'm going to give you a tour of my book shelves. Though, keep in mind I do a complete re-haul of my shelf arrangements every few months when I either A) buy a new shelf or B) can't buy a new shelf and therefore need to get creative with positioning for maximum capacity.

At the present moment, I just bought a new shelf and there is still some anticipatory space on my shelves for all the books I've pre-ordered for 2015.

Let's start from the left, shall we?

This is my newest shelf (thank you IKEA). It has 5 levels, and this is a pic of the top two, where I keep my Disney puzzles and "really big books." The other levels house my fantasy/sci-fi paperbacks, fantasy anthologies, and all the ARCs I've won or received. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a good picture of those because afternoon glare.

So, apparently I rearranged this shelf between pics and forgot to re-take the top pic after *pats self on back*. Anyway, this shelf is special. It takes up the space under my dreaded window that eats up half a wall. Not only that, it also carries some valuable cargo, including my Pokemon DVDs (collection incomplete), Disney DVDs (including special box collector's editions of Cinderella and Aladdin), some of my favorite soundtrack music, and, of course, my Fantasy mass market paperbacks/shorter paperbacks. You can see both sets of Garth Nix's Abhorsen books and my MASSIVE Patricia A. McKillip collection.

Also, on top of the shelf I have framed my jumbo Pokemon card of Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos, my Anberlin Final Tour concert ticket, and a little memento from my ballet days! Woot woot!

Look, a little spot waiting for The Nightmare Charade

And another for The Infinite

Here I broke away from the alphabetical system for the sake of more really big books (in hard cover and trade paper), just because of the way the shelves are designed. This shelf always gives me problems while organizing because it's big enough for the really big books, but not big enough for additional horizontal stacking. And you know how there are some books that, because of the spine design, just canNOT be horizontal stacked? This is the place for those babies, like Anne Elisabeth Stengl's beautiful Tales of Goldstone Wood series.

This particular shelf, being rather large, is for a few of my favorite authors (Erin Bowman, Susan Dennard, Leigh Bardugo, Alexandra Bracken, Kelly Creagh, Sandra Waugh (whom I just started reading!), and Maggie Stiefvater) and there is some room left for more books from them, including Vengeance Road/Forged, Truthwitch series, The Dregs, Passenger/Wayfarer, Oblivion, The Raven King, and the rest of the Guardians of Tarnec. I put them here because while I'm writing I like to be able to look over and see the books that inspire me most.

Now we get to the lower half of the shelf, which ALWAYS makes me feel guilty. I hate putting books on the lower half of a shelf. It's ridiculous, because placement on the lower half of the shelf doesn't mean the books are lesser in any way. But it still feels like my books cry when they are put down there. 
This is the alphabetical continuation of the top shelf! Lots of room left for 800 PAGE Winter!

This is the shelf for most of my Juliet Marillier collection (Wildwood Dancing/Shadowfell series is somewhere else, as you will see). It's only down there because I'm obsessive about keeping an author's books together (except in certain circumstances) and I literally cannot fit it anywhere else!
These books currently have the misfortune of sharing a shelf with a huge stack of Pokemon cards that I'm looking to sell. Anyone interested in buying some Pokemon cards??? I'll even give anyone who reads this a discount :P (I'm only half kidding).

This shelf is for my writing folders and a few reference books (the World Atlas and the huge art books), as well as my old school year books and ballet playbills.

I honestly have no clue why I went into so much detail with that shelf, but ONWARD!

Next, we've reached the corner on this little (long) tour, and in that corner I have my desk with its built in shelves. This is where I write and keep the books nearest and dearest to my heart. 

On the left side I have my Daphne du Maurier collection. This is the woman whose books first inspired me to write. It took a while and a few other inspirations, but she was the first! Then I have the rest of my Juliet Marillier collection and my two Anne Fortier books. All three of these women know how to WRITE! I adore their styles and want nothing more than to emulate them to some degree in my own writing.

Next is my Sarah J. Maas shrine (there is no other word for what it is).
And the numbers stand thus: 2 Assassin's Blade (not counting the 4 e-book editions); 5 Throne of Glass; 4 Crown of Midnight; 2 Heir of Fire; and 1 A Court of Thorns and Roses.

On Pre-order: US paperback Assassin's Blade; US paperback Heir of Fire; US hardback Queen of Shadows; UK paperback Queen of Shadows US hardback ACOTAR. All I need to complete the collection is an ARC of Heir of Fire and I can officially be committed! *prays to the book gods*

Right above the TOG shrine is my Melina Marchetta shrine.
I love this woman. I also loved the Australian covers of the Lumatere Chronicles so much more than the US ones that I hunted those guys down. It wasn't easy, but they are just so beautiful.

ALMOST DONE! That's the bulk of my fantasy collection. This next set is my contemporaries.

I admittedly don't buy a lot of contemporary novels. The top shelf is the Maeve Binchy shrine, which was extremely difficult to acquire as the covers/editions I wanted were all originally only printed in the UK. I had to buy from UK and Australian online sellers, stalking amazon and ebay, and then the ones I bought from the US were hit or miss because there is an American cover/edition with the exact same isbn number. SIGH. This shows you how obsessive I can get. But it's my shelf, dammit! And look how beautiful it is!

Next down is my book club shelf, which will need to be expanded at some point. I love this book club. It makes me read books that I wouldn't normally choose for myself.

Next two are the YA contemporary shelves. The only rhyme or reason for each book's placement resides in my head.

To finish off, I have my special shelf that needs a KEY to get into!
Top shelf has all my Disney books, my antique collection, and all the classics that I acquired during school (mostly).

Then I have the row of Harry Potter, signed Twilight, and (not pictured because I just put them there and I'm too lazy to take another pic) 1st edition Song of the Lioness books.

Next shelf is the non-fiction reference books, including my growing collections on Fairytale/Folktales, Cornwall, and the Romanovs. All of these I bought for reference and inspiration on my various WIPs. 

And last but not least, what remains of my STUFFED ANIMALS! 


P.S. I applaud you if you read that entire thing.


  1. SO.MANY.BOOKS. Your shelves are awesome!

    1. Thank you! I'm certainly fond of them :D I'm also fond of the word fond.

  2. I spy Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen! Love that series so much! And your Sarah J. Maas shelf is awesome!! So many awesome books you've got!

  3. Very pretty shelves and book spines there. It's always fun to look through someone's collection to see how many books you have in common :D


  4. What lovely bookshelves! They're very pretty. I definitely have to check out the Throne of Glass series! :)
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  5. I love seeing people's bookshelves, and your book collection is EPIC. It makes me long for my own shelves in the Philippines, which are pretty epic too. But I love the shelves I've got right here, so I can't complain. Thanks for sharing such an extensive look at your books!

  6. Oh my word....your shelves are so neat and tidy. I'm totally jealous! ;-)

  7. Your shelves are so gorgeous and organized and pretty! Mine are just wherever I can cram the most books, haha....

    ~Lynette @ Escaping Reality - One Book at a Time

  8. You're a McKinley fan!! AND MarIllier - it looks like you have all her books!! I don't think I've met anyone who's read her Light Isles of Bridei Chronicles!! I sadly had to get rid of some of my Marillier copies when I moved (the latter half of Sevenwaters, Wildwood Dancing, and Heart's Blood). And god knows why, but I don't have a copy of Son of the Shadows which is my favourite book in the Sevenwaters series. AND you have multiple copies of the Abhorsen trilogy!!! And you're a pokemon AND Disney fan?? I was getting a bit worried you weren't my soul twin when I wasn't seeing any Tamora Pierce, but you've got 1st editions!!, so clearly we are still soul twins. Your collection is pretty much what mine would be...if I had money or more bookshelves haha