Monday, February 16, 2015

The Orphaned Anything's by Stephen Christian

orphaned anythings The Orphaned Anything's: Memoir of a Lesser Known by Stephen Christian
Released: February 18th 2008
Read: August 2014
Publisher: iUniverse
Source: bought/paperback

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An "im up, what more do you want from me?" sticker hideously controls the back of Ayden Kosacov s bedroom door. In his mind what started as a joke is slowly becoming his glorious and underrated mantra. Ayden Kosacov is alive, and that is about all you can say. In the throws of a mundane and jejune life Ayden is slowly coming to the realization that if all his world is a stage than he wouldn t care if he did or did not miss the final scenes. Through an almost accidental suicide attempt and the recovery that soon follows, Ayden learns that there is more to living than just being alive. Finding his way through diverse experiences and people he comes to terms with God, his family, and finally himself. (from Goodreads)

Stephen Christian is graced with the ability to touch people's souls. If you read the summary of this book and find that you want to read it, I can promise you that your soul will be touched.

I love Anberlin mainly for their incredible lyrics, so I don't find it surprising at all that I love a book written by the same man who pens those lyrics. The Orphaned Anything's is written pretty much in pure stream-of-consciousness style, which I probably could not stand from any other writer but Stephen Christian, who wrote my favorite song of all time that also includes a gorgeous and heart-ripping stream-of-consciousness ending - (*fin)

If I know my time line correctly, this book was published right after Anberlin's album Cities came out. You can see a lot of the same themes run through this book and Cities, a sort of man vs. himself mentality. I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this train of thought, but I do know that if you love one you'll love the other, and I don't mind shamelessly broadcasting Stephen Christian's work in any medium.  

The Orphaned Anything's is a beautiful book. I recommend it with all my heart and soul. 


  1. I had no idea Stephen Christian wrote a book! I really like Anberlin's music - it's a rare find to for a group or musician to have music that's both musically and lyrically good, and Anberlin really nails it. I'll have to look this book up!

    1. Do! It's unlike anything I've read, but it is so Stephen Christian that I can't see how every Anberlin fan won't love it!