Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday - Book Problems

This week, let's discuss the top ten book related problems that readers experience. There are quite a few... ramifications that come with being a bibliophile. These are the ones I find most pernicious.


1.      My book worlds aren’t real. That sucks. 

2.      When my favorite character dies, I cry more than I would for a real person because there is no such thing as character heaven in which we could one day reunite. THEY JUST CEASE TO EXIST *bursts into tears* 

3.      I will probably one day need therapy specifically for those two reasons.  

4.      Not enough shelves. Always have to buy more. (IKEA is my best friend) 

5.      I have a special hatred in my heart for windows because they take up wall space that could otherwise be given to book shelves.

We must block out all the windows and live in book induced darkness! 

6.      Back problems from balancing 10 books on one hip, because they are my babies. 

7.      Neck problems from leaning into my book, because if I’m close enough to the pages I might slip into the book world (obviously).  

8.      General, over all body aches from not moving all day because the book was too involving to realize I hurt.I've been told that I need to see a chiropractor.

9.      MUST PRE-ORDER EVERYTHING OR I WON’T GET A FIRST EDITION! *stalks Amazon every day until new book listing appears*  

10.  And, thanks to books, I’m broke.

What book problems do you have? And, um, can anyone help me with mine? 


  1. YES! LOVE #1. I haven't come across that one yet! Book worlds aren't real -- a true problem.

    You've blown my mind with #2...

    #8 is the truth of all truths. You never realize just how still you've been for hours till after you move and put down the book.

    Try searching Book Outlet...less broke ;)

    My TTT

    1. #2 is the worst because I LOVE THEM AND THEY ARE REAL but they are not real and my mourning process is totally stinted because people would think me insane. Why can we not have funerals for fictional characters? SOMEONE TELL ME

      Book Outlet omg... When my postman is dying under a load of book related packages, I'm pointing him in YOUR direction.

  2. I didn't even think about the bookish problem of the worlds not even being real. *silently sobs* That's a great point though! It is kind of sad to think about. I run out of shelf space too and it's horrible because then they all end up stacked weirdly and it makes my bookshelf not look pretty anymore. Great list! :)
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    1. Granted, all the worlds I love are riddled with WAR AND DEATH, but hey so is our world. Difference is the fantasy one has magic. *thumbs up*

      RIGHT?! And you know some books must be kept vertical (like the Lunar Chronicles), while others look better horizontal, and there is a shocking amount of Geometry involved with organizing a bookshelf!

      Thanks for checking it out!