Monday, March 30, 2015

Flights of Fantasy March Update

Has a whole other month really passed already?

Well this month has been pretty slow for me in every way. As it turns out I ONLY read Fantasy this month, and I only read 3 books.

stitching snowkinlark rising

I recommend all of these for fantasy fans, but Lark Rising in particular. Cannot wait for the rest of the series!

Alexa and Rachel presented a wonderful question today that I would like to answer here.

Why do you love fantasy?


I find more truth in fantasy. The world as we know is so bogged down by... stuff, to say it politely. Stuff that is so twisty turny biased and distorted that the TRUTH is practically non-existent. In a good fantasy, most of that is wiped clean, starting from scratch. We can glimpse things like courage, hope, faith, etc in their most pure forms, without any of our societies biases on them. And because of that, I feel like I get more out of them personally. I discover more about me and my world through the glimmers of truth inside fantasy. Will I ever battle a dragon? No. But I will have battles to fight and they won't be pretty battles, and I need to know that I can get through them, that the world is a better place on the other side. And maybe the world isn't prettier on the other side; maybe everything has to get a billion times worse before I ever see a shred of beauty. But I need to know that there is SOMETHING, and as Samwise Gamgee said, "It's worth fighting for."

Fantasy gives me hope.  

As it turns out, this is also why I love relatively happy endings. I'm not a big fan of going through hell for nothing.

How about you?

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