Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Waiting On Wednesday - The Orphan Queen

For my first Waiting on Wednesday proclamation, I'd like to start with a book that has had me flailing since I read the author's first hints of it... somewhere. I don't remember where, it was too long ago. I just wanted it immediately! 

I have to admit something. I haven't read Jodi's New Soul trilogy yet, to my eternal shame. Incarnate came out a few months before I really got into reading, and then I kept meaning to read it (even bought the whole trilogy) but was distracted by other books that I was more in the mood for at that critical moment when deciding what book to read next. There was always a shiny new series to start, or a new book in a series that I had already started. THERE WAS ALWAYS AN EXCUSE.

But NO MORE! The day this beautiful book arrives on my door step, I will devour it without pause and my life will no longer be deprived of the beauty that I've heard is Jodi Meadow's writing.

Really, The Orphan Queen looks like it will have everything that I want in a book. High fantasy, strong heroine, magic, action to leave me ooohing and aaaaahing, romance (god, Jodi, don't break my heart!), and (let's be real) eye candy for my shelf.

The best part is I only have to wait one more week! BRING IT ON!

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