Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Waiting On Wednesday - The Blade's Memory

blades memory

Here's the thing. I'm OBSESSED with this series (this is book #5). And the best part is that Lindsay Buroker is a super talented writer who writes super fast and releases each novel within a few months of the others, so there isn't nearly as much waiting! Not only does this cater to my impatience, but the story and characters are so fun and interesting to read. The books alternate POVs (so 1&3&5 are from Ridge and Sardelle's pov, and 2&4 are from Tolemek and Cas's). Ridge and Sardelle are two of my FAVORITE characters ever, so I am especially looking forward to book 5.

The world of the Dragon Blood series is wonderfully high fantasy and interestingly steampunk. You don't see a lot of high fantasy with planes and air-ships and pretty boys with guns and chemistry labs, in addition to DRAGONS. Not to mention the romance is swoon worthy.



  1. Holy cow! Lindsay Buroker's books have been on my TBR pile forever, but I never knew it was high fantasy + airships and guns, and DRAGONS!!! Oh god, I've got to start reading ASAP coz this is definitely what I want to do in my current project, mixing fantasy and steampunk and fairy-lore.

    It's a lot to do and could easily unravel into a pile of STINKING HOT MESS, so hopefully Buroker will leave me some clues on how to pull it off.

    xo Diyana

    1. OMG YES READ THIS SERIES! Sooz suggested the first book, Balanced On The Blade's Edge, in one of her M&D newsletters, and Lindsay seriously might be the fastest writer ever. Like book 1 came out May of last year, AND NOW THIS IS BOOK 5 (with 2 more planned, allegedly!!!!!!!)!

      And I want to read your book like now. A blend of fantasy/steampunk/fairies would be a dream come true. YOU CAN DO IT! I've seen your pinterest board (and stolen from it), so I KNOW you have the imagination to pull it off! All the same, I hope Buroker will help too!

      Ugh, the fear of the stinking hot mess is a real one. I'm terrified I'm getting my wip ALL WRONG. Just thinking about all the twists I have planned gives me an anxiety attack. And this is why we need support groups. It's like going to free therapy. :P