Book Recommendations

You know how sometimes you have this fundamental need to, for all intents and purposes, shout something from the rooftop? This is me, on my metaphorical rooftop.

These books are ones that I find necessary. These are the stories and characters I love most. And I want to share them with you, or at least give you the chance to share them with me (lead a horse to water and all that). These are the books that made a difference in my mind or heart or whatever you want to believe, and I hope you can find one here that does the same for you.

wildwood dancing   finnikin   froi   quintana   truthwitch   windwitch   howls moving castle   uprooted   rook   nevermore   enshadowed   oblivion   the orphan queen   the mirror king   winterspell   shadow and bone   siege and storm   ruin and rising   lark rising   the glass sentence   the golden specific   the crimson skew   air awakens   fire falling   earths end   waters wrath   crystal crowned  

darkest minds   never fade   something strange   a darkness strange   strange and ever after   these broken stars   this shattered world  

the book thief   the dark unwinding   a spark unseen   vengeance road

black as night   saving francesca   pipers son   jellicoe road   where she went   anna   isla   fangirl   the fill in boyfriend   first & then   the year we fell apart   some kind of happiness  

*or the books I read and loved as a child
ella enchanted   witch of blackbird pond   johnny tremain  

balanced on the blade   deathmaker   "blood   patterns in the dark   the blades memory   under the ice blades   raptor   soul blade   alphabet of thorn   bards of bone plain   the midnight queen   lady of magick  

frenchmans creek   rebecca   jamaica inn   juliet   glass lake   circle of friends   run with the horsemen   whisper of the river   truth according to us  


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